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 Puffle Powers

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PostSubject: Puffle Powers   Puffle Powers EmptyFri Dec 25, 2009 3:00 pm

Just like the EPF has puffles that have been trained, we do too. All the puffles have a special one that may really help you on your missions. (lol im getting most of my ideas from the EPF D.S. game. Credit to them, not me!)

Red Puffle
Can shoot itself out of a cannon and knock things over. (Things that you can't get past or you can't lift.)

Pink Puffle
Can lasso up anything spinning out of control.

Yellow Puffle
Can sing at a very high pitch. (Hint hint... High enough to crack ice)

Green Puffle
Can Fly very high and retrieve things floating in the air. (I dont really know what might be floating up there, But something attatched to a balloon works)

Blue Puffle
Can throw snowballs

Purple Puffle
Can blow very strong bubbles (Strong enough to lift just about anything!)

White Puffle
Can freeze any object (Depending on what it is, it can be permenent, or temporarily)

Black Puffle
Can weld objects and melt chunks of ice

If you are working on a mission with a couple of friends, I suggest that you each bring a different puffle... Smile
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Puffle Powers
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