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 Roleplay Rules and Explanations

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Roleplay Rules and Explanations Empty
PostSubject: Roleplay Rules and Explanations   Roleplay Rules and Explanations EmptyFri Dec 25, 2009 2:25 pm

1) All missions are in the HQ topic, Nowhere else. What I mean is that the mission can happen somewhere else, but it has to be posted in the HQ topic. Smile Got it?

2) Only roleplay as yourself. There's really no reason to be someone else. (Unless it's just a plain citizen of CLub Penguin that's not a member on this site)

3) I will explain the characters of the EPF D.s. game to members who don't have it because I might use those characters in roleplay. (Just pm me please, although if you are already an agent on CLubpenguin.com, the only character i think i have to explain is dot)

4) No innapropriate things.

5) Should I make a Igloo forum so you can have igloo parties with buddies and such? XD

6) You must complete at least 7 roleplay missions I give you to become a new ESF Agent. You then have to complete 3 more roleplay missions to become a proper ESF Agent.

7) I will only give you a heading on the mission and the objective. I will have planned where I cut in and act as another penguin or something. You have a choice. You can do the mission with up to 3 other agents, or alone with me bumping you on course. X3 The mission can go wherever you want it to, as long as the objective is still completed. p.s. I can assign another agent such as my friend agent tolly (the soon to be joint leader).

8.) At the puffle shop, the puffles you buy can help you with your missions. Go to announcements to check. There's a topic called puffle powers.

Was this hard to read? Lol
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Roleplay Rules and Explanations
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