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 DJ Candace Tracking Help

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PostSubject: DJ Candace Tracking Help   DJ Candace Tracking Help EmptyFri Jul 09, 2010 5:00 pm

8D I saw Candace today at the Casa Fiesta! Want some help? Very Happy Well, here are some handy tips.

Places you can usually find Candace (2010):
Casa Fiesta
Night Club
Nightclub Rooftop

-She is a Pink penguin with a neon purple-pink wig. She has lime green head phones, and pink and yellow scarf.


DJ Candace Tracking Help Xgbfbc

You can usually find a very large crowd around her. Sometimes, people will pretend to be her.
Example of a fake:

DJ Candace Tracking Help B88lk8

Well, anyways, if you find Candace, Just click on that little box in the corner of her penguin card:

DJ Candace Tracking Help Fadef4

And she'll give you a free background! Here's my penguin with it on:
DJ Candace Tracking Help 217mms

8D Snazzy, huh? I'll be updating this if I come up with more helpful tips. =) BTW, did you know that Gary is Claustrophobic? XD Meh, no time to explain now. Enjoy this guide! XP (Not that it's really going to help that much.)

~Agent Angelina

*~Agent Angelina~*

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DJ Candace Tracking Help
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